1. Happy Vanuary 15th, 2014! A very vantastic day, indeed– for today marks the 5th friendiversary of Dave & Mark, and as we type this post to all of you, we are also sharing a very special moment in a weird hotel room in Park City, Utah. Why are we in Utah? Well, you nosy people, we are at the Sundance Film Festival, where we first met!

    Vans can’t volunteer at film festivals, but if they could, we would probably make friends with ALL of them. So I guess you could say today’s post is about friends, and vans, and films.

    Our HQ for the next 11 days will be in the Documentary Film Office here at the festival, where we hope some of this fancy documentary filmmaking will rub off on us somehow. We are currently in a Dodge Caravan, a minivan that will be carrying us around to all our many destinations during our time here in the mountains, so from our van to yours, we hope you are having an outstvanding day.


  2. Happy Vanuary 14th, 2014! Today’s post is dedicated to anyone that’s ever owned a VW van, or any old car at all. One of the joys of traveling in a high-mileage, testy, unreliable vehicle is the ever-present mystery of reaching your destination. Some of the questions asked in preparation of a long haul are: “Will I make it?” “Can you follow me?” “Is there cell phone reception?” or “What is that sound/smell/piece hanging off?” Occasionally, the worst happens, and you are stuck on the side of the road for awhile and these obstacles are best tackled with new adventures. While this clip wasn’t recorded during Vanuary, but it’s a perfect example of how to make the most of being stranded on the side of the road. When in doubt, channel your spirit animal- whether that’s an orca named Willy or Michael Jackson. Big thanks to Dustin for capturing this moment on a camping trip taken the summer before Vanuary!


    Mark & Dave


  3. Happy Vanuary 13th, 2014! If there’s one thing we love more than vans, it’s snacks. Even though we have a vannual celebration of Vanuary, this year will be the first year of Snackuary. I’m not even kidding when I say we’ve been surviving off of only snacks this year. It’s disgusting, actually. Please send real food to dave@vanuary.com and happy snackuary, everyone! This photo comes courtesy of the wonderful Sarah Marshall during one of the Vanuary challenges, sleep in Roseburg, OR.


  4. Happy Vanuary 12th, 2013. Well, we’ve spent the day scratching our heads trying to figure out what the takeaway from this commercial is supposed to be. Obviously, the first thing is that a project like Vanuary should only be attempted in a place like South Africa. The second one took a little more analyzing, and the assistance of YouTube’s transcription of the song:
    0:01 means i was on the waiting to hear bullet line-item suddenly
    0:06 somebody’s gonna bust was expendable apply it capitalist-style right now that
    0:11 there’s a playwright
    0:22 holidays
    0:26 these are the times like these that and then you got allot of developing
    0:30 whereupon the ex-president
    0:55 and the story of the student life on mars
    The most important lesson this ad brought us is the all-new title of Vanuary, which we are now changing to The Ex-President and the Story of the Student Life on Mars. We both decided it much more accurately represents the film and the messages we’re trying to convey with it.
    Looking back, I’m crushed that we never towed a fire-truck with the van. I guess there’s always room for that in The Ex-President and the Story of the Student Life on Mars 2.

  5. Happy Vanuary 11th, 2014! Today is our day of rest, but also our day of PARTYING. This image is brought to you by the amazing Dr. Adam Ekroth, and was a behind the scenes still taken while shooting the original pitch video for Vanuary, which can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/34519621 Please enjoy this taste from the ghost of Vanuary future-past. Love yall! 


    Dave & Mark


  6. Happy Vanuary 10th, 2014! Wow, here we are, two years ago, we shot a film. Today, after two weeks of getting snowed in, eating Kansas City BBQ, and munching on all the snacks, we finally have an outline. The film is starting to come together and we’re getting a real grasp on how we want it to look/play. But if we’re being honest here, I actually just wanted to post this picture to show you how nice Mark’s handwriting is. It’s really nice. In fact, if you’d like Mark to write you a letter, please email mark@vanuary.com

    He’s also pretty good at magic tricks.


  7. Happy Vanuary 9th, 2014! !!!!!EXCLUSIVE!!!!!LEAKED FOOTAGE!!!!!!! We’re still hard at work on Vanuary, but we’ve unearthed some never before seen EXCLUSIVE footage. This is a very special Throwback Thursday gift from us to you.


    Mark and Dave


  8. Happy Vanuary 8th, 2014! Have you ever seen a documentary? Neither have we! Check this out! VANUARY!


  9. Happy Vanuary 7th, 2014! Do you know what it’s like to get up early on a Saturday morning, drive out an old funeral home located in the sleepy East Moreland neighborhood, set up all of your equipment in and around a van belonging to someone you’ve never met before, and play a song three times in 35 degree weather with no gloves on? Yeah, me neither. But our good friends And And And do! Yes, two years ago, we teamed up with &&& and Into The Woods in front of Portland’s favorite defunct venue, The Woods (RIP). &&& ripped that parking lot so hard that the neighbors complained, which was a point of pride for those of us lucky enough to be there. For we were not only celebrating &&&’s riptitude, it also happened to be the last day The Woods was in business.  

    Today, we’re pouring our 40s out for the Woods. #onelove


  10. Happy Vanuary 6th, 2014! Being from Portland, I spent most of my youth drinking out of Blazer branded DQ pint glasses and playing as Clyde Drexler on NBA Jam. So you can imagine my excitement when the 1990s Portland Trailblazers called us up to collaborate with Vanuary. We’ve been working on this with them for awhile and we couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you! Please enjoy and yabba dabba doo doo!